We provide the following internet marketing services to help you reached more people online, find new customers and build loyalties with existing ones

Pay per click Marketing (PPC)
Advanced search Engine optimization
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Pay per click Marketing

Best for:Find new customers, find local customers
Pros: Immediately Result, no big initial investment, highly targeted visitors, geographic specific
Cons: Competitive bidding price(cost per click) for certain keywords, require on-going investment to continuous drive visitors.

Pay per click(PPC) marketing is used drive targeted web traffic from popular search engines to your websites. Pay per click model often shows an immediately return of investment(ROI) on advertising without big initial expenses like search engine optimization. Business owners and advertisers can select a list of highly relevant keywords and display their ads only to people who are searching with those key words. Pay per click also support geographic targeting, advertiser can choose exactly where their ads are displayed. It is perfect for businesses who want to reach out for local customers within walking or reasonable driving distances.

Advanced search engine optimization
Best for:Find new customers, find customers in larger geographic territory(Cities, Province etc)
Pros: Free traffic once done, Good brand image for high search engine ranking
Cons: Initial Cost, Slower Result

Advanced search engine optimization uses a series of techniques to make your site rank higher in search engine organic search results. All BestView websites are build to be search engine friendly, which means you sites will be recognized by search engine sooner and your contents are better understood by search engines. In our advanced search engine optimization service, we’ll run a full scale analysis on your targeted market, identify high ROI and high volume keywords, create keyword rich contents and build targeted links. The end result is an increase in your sites search engine ranking and more traffic to your websites.

Email Marketing

Best for: Build customer loyalty, get referral, promote to existing/previous customers, convert contacts.

Email marketing allow you to either use newsletters to educate your contacts and build customer loyalty or send promotional offers to drive more purchases. Our email marketing service help you manage your email campaigns from email bulk sending, open ratio analysis to message AB testing, conversion monitoring.

Mobile Marketing
Best for: Offer promotion, attract new customers

More people own a mobile phone than PC already, and it is projected in less than two years, there will be more internet traffic from mobile phones than computers. Mobile marketing offers you a variety of choices to rich out to smart phone owners to promote your business. Our mobile marketing services include the following options:

  • Mobile website development
  • Mobile app development
  • QR code included brochure/ads
  • Mobile banner advertising